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The increasing focus on climate change initiatives and reducing our carbon footprint has led to a global consensus that the world’s energy systems must evolve to be more efficient. Many companies have the expertise to lead in this Energy Transition, but lack sufficient capital to execute on their strategic visions. Star Peak is a special purpose acquisition company created to identify market-leading businesses focused on climate change initiatives, reducing carbon emissions and improving energy ecosystem efficiency. We define this as the “Energy Transition.” Star Peak is led by an experienced management team with a long history of partnering with high-quality companies across the energy infrastructure, renewables and technology landscape.

We have identified several trends of potential interest including electric vehicles, electric vehicle infrastructure, transportation and mobility, food and agriculture, renewable energy generation, energy storage, carbon capture, biofuels, hydrogen and fuel cells, and other energy transition focused companies and technologies. We may also pursue companies that operate in the conventional energy sector but have business strategies likely to benefit from the Energy Transition.

Star Peak is sponsored by Star Peak Sponsor LLC, a group comprised of Michael C. Morgan and members of Magnetar Capital. We seek to capitalize on our management team’s decades of investment and operating experience to seek to achieve attractive returns for our stockholders. Our team has a vast network of relationships across the North American Energy Transition ecosystem, including private equity and venture capital firms, investment banks, and direct company and founder relationships, positioning Star Peak well to help the high-quality business it acquires achieve its long-term vision.

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